January 25th 2020

Victoria's Mornington Peninsula hosts a trove of coastal beauty, bound by the sleepy Port Philip Bay, and the mighty Bass Strait, this gorgeous lush region represents a stunning example of  Australian coastal landscapes.

Delicate Coastal Flora

The Peninsula's western shore, facing the Port Philip Bay has a serene tranquility to it, with vast stretches of shallow water beaches, whilst its Eastern face hosts a very different rugged coastal beauty.

Point Nepean National Park

The Eastern facing "back-beach" hides many remote inaccessible beaches, but also has a number of beautiful inlets, flanked by rocky coastlines, lined with delicate flora.  Quite the juxtaposition to the Port Philip Bay; the seas here are dramatic, dangerous & unique.

St Andrews Beach @ Sunset
Dawn of a  new day

Sunrises here can be stunning, with subtle colours reflecting in the clouds, as waves crash on the exposed rocky shelf.

Subtle & Stark
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