Baja From Above

January       28th        2019

The beauty of Mexico's Baja California Sur cannot be understated.  It's a rugged, expansive, and surprisingly under developed peninsula where the desert meets the sea.

Its an arid land flanked by the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range and dotted with white sandy beaches including the windswept Los Barrilles.

Sunrises here are especially colorful & beautiful, even better when viewed from above.

As the kitesurfing capital of Baja, Los Barriles geographic location means winds gust here regularly 20-25 knots.

Yet most sunrises are wonderfully calm and infinitely colorful, we rose for sunrise each day and each morning was utterly unique 🌅

Los Barriles consistent winds mean daytime can be quite chaotic with the sky filled with kiteboarders, and the beach dotted with equipment & setups.

Sunrises & early mornings however, painted a different picture with gorgeous light & just the odd fisherman casting in to the sea. Certainly made the early rise very much worth it ☀️

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